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IRMA-TruPoint Blood Gas Analyser Donation to NY...

Blood Gas Analyser is a basic essential equipment which analyses body oxygen and carbondioxide and acid-alkali status. This measurement is particularly important in patients with breathing problems and also in those who are undergoing major surgeries. In hospitals in developed countries, measurement of blood gas is a routine practice for all moderate to severely sick patients admitted to Accident & Emergency departments. Since it is very easy and quick to measure, there are around 3-24 blood gas analysers in each hospital in the UK, depending on the size of the hospital. This equipment, however, is not widely available nor used routinely even in tertiary teaching hospitals in Myanmar. Since there is a clear clinical need for this analyser, we collected fund to buy this equipment starting from 2012 April Food Fair, Cambridge organised by British Doctors and Dentists Association, UK (BDDAUK). More fund received from families and friends around the globe following the April Food Fair. The final donations reached to £9017.53 for the capital cost of the equipment and also for continued supply of blood gas reagents. Brighter Future Foundation contributed £1128 towards the total fund and also organised the purchase, shipment of the analyser and continued supply of the reagents. Our thanks to all individual donors around the world, Dr. Nwe Winn Thein & Dr. Thidar Aung for their sponsored walk, BDDAUK, Med Aid International (USA), and all our dedicated friends worldwide for collecting funds for this worthy cause. We would also like to thank Professor U Nyunt Thein and staffs of Medical Ward, New Yangon General Hospital for accepting this equipment. We hope that we have created a small ripple of change which will hopefully lead to several chains of bigger and better healthcare improvements for patients in Myanmar.
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