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Photo Gallery

Nargis Relief Work 2008 Nargis Relief Work 2008 Nargis affected monastery near Pathein 178151930 Daily commodities - eg: rice & oil - were distributed to Dedaye villagers 178152039 Rice donation to affected villagers in Nyaung Wine village 178152037 Materials donated to Phyar Pone villagers 178152040 At Shwe Pyi Thar refugee camp 178152041 At Shwe Pyi Thar refugee monastery camp 178152042 Donated materials 178152043 Preparation of distribution of essential needs to Ywar Thit Gyee villagers 178152046 Essential needs were donated to Ywar Thit Gyee villagers 178152044 A hut blown off by Nargis 178160348 A happy villager when she was told that her hut will be rebuilt by us 178160350 A newly built hut 178160349 Mobile library in one of the affected villages 178160351 Children whom were made homeless by Nargis - found in a monastery rescue camp in Ywar Thit Gyee village 178152047